Indie Stash List

A England Tristam
A England Lady of the Lake
A England Dragon

A Rhyming Dictionary The Transmogrifer
A Rhyming Dictionary G.R.O.S.S.
A Rhyming Dictionary Mrs. Wormwood
A Rhyming Dictionary Show & Tell
A Rhyming Dictionary I’m Ho-ome
A Rhyming Dictionary Stupendous Man
A Rhyming Dictionary Rosalyn

Above the Curve What No Buy?
Above the Curve Dusty Huntin’
Above the Curve Lemming Have It!
Above the Curve Fallen Angel 2.0
Above the Curve Risen Angel 2.0
Above the Curve Neon Pink
Above the Curve Neon Green
Above the Curve Neon Orange
Above the Curve Neon Yellow
Above the Curve Neon Red
Above the Curve Diva. P
Above the Curve LeeLoo
Above the Curve Ruby Rhod
Above the Curve Everyday is a Holo-day
Above the Curve Slitheen
Above the Curve Relative Dimensions
Above the Curve Donna
Above the Curve The Silence
Above the Curve All You Need Is Wine
Above the Curve Truly Madly Deeply
Above the Curve You Java Me Crazy
Above the Curve Circle of Love
Above the Curve Fallen Angel
Above the Curve Risen Angel
Above the Curve TARDIS
Above the Curve Pretend It’s A Plan
Above the Curve Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey
Above the Curve Don’t Blink
Above the Curve You Call Me….. Sexy
Above the Curve Banana To A Party
Above the Curve Myrtle Beach
Above the Curve Venice Beach
Above the Curve Coney Island
Above the Curve Santa Cruz
Above the Curve Glow with the Flow
Above the Curve Lite Brite
Above the Curve It’s Electric
Above the Curve Ultra Holo Turquoise
Above the Curve Ultra Holo Bluebell
Above the Curve Ultra Holo Pink
Above the Curve Ultra Holo Nude
Above the Curve Ultra Holo Purple
Above the Curve Ultra Holo Blue
Above the Curve You’re My #1 Valentine
Above the Curve Love Is A Battle Field
Above the Curve Stormy Night
Above the Curve Crunchy Leaves
Above the Curve Pumpkin Spice Season
Above the Curve Family
Above the Curve These Boots Were Made For Autumn
Above the Curve Cold Rain
Above the Curve Sweater Weather
Above the Curve Crisp Autumn Air
Above the Curve Patronus Charm
Above the Curve Wingardium Leviosa
Above the Curve Polyjuice Potion
Above the Curve Spectrespecs
Above the Curve Ravenclaw
Above the Curve Gryffindor
Above the Curve Slytherin
Above the Curve Hufflepuff

Accio Lacquer Space Hippies

Aisuru Lacquer Hayashi
Aisuru Lacquer Nebyura
Aisuru Lacquer Harajuku
Aisuru Lacquer Atorantisu
Aisuru Lacquer Moesashi

Avant Garde Dancing Through The Fire
Avant Garde Same Love

Bellaluna Cosmetics Sugar Plum Fairy
Bellaluna Cosmetics Enchanted Woodlands
Bellaluna Cosmetics Starry Night

Berry Creations Silver Baby
Berry Creations Gold Glam

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Skating in the Snow
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Sugar Crab
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer First Frost
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Birthday Wishes
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Floppy, Hoppy, Bunnies!
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer MIL Induced Mimosas
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Turkey Coma
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Untrodden Snow
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Electric Icicle
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer <3
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Impassioned Soul
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Sordid End
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Everybody Loves A Hero
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Siren Seashore

Candii Blossom Shimmering Strawberry
Candii Blossom Purple Nurple

Chaos & Crocodiles Time For A Sugar Rush
Chaos & Crocodiles Squee!
Chaos & Crocodiles Narwals Are Unicorns Too
Chaos & Crocodiles Oblizzarated
Chaos & Crocodiles Copper Creek Cabin
Chaos & Crocodiles Dragon Parties
Chaos & Crocodiles City in the Clouds
Chaos & Crocodiles Unicorn Symphony
Chaos & Crocodiles Evening Flurries
Chaos & Crocodiles Rainbows All Around
Chaos & Crocodiles Operation Vegas

Conjured Polish Our Lady Elizabeth
Conjured Polish Comstock House
Conjured Polish Big Daddy
Conjured Polish Little Sister
Conjured Polish Songbird
Conjured Polish Booker

Cover Bands Sticks n Stones

Cupcake Polish It Is Not What You Pink
Cupcake Polish It Is Our Slime Now

Daily Lacquer Ami
Daily Lacquer Buddy
Daily Lacquer Maple Syrup

Dany Vianna Soft Pastels

Daphine Polish Midnight Snowfall
Daphine Polish Dark & Stormy
Daphine Polish Rosina Violet
Daphine Polish Dust
Daphine Polish Gyptian Longboat
Daphine Polish Sky Armor
Daphine Polish Cittàgazza
Daphine Polish Cloud Pine
Daphine Polish Texas Aeronaut
Daphine Polish Knife Bearer

Daring Digits Sugar Water Purple
Daring Digits Blueberry Square

Darling Diva Roller Girl
Darling Diva Sophia
Darling Diva Fat Bottom Girls
Darling Diva The Harbinger
Darling Diva Foreplay
Darling Diva 13th Colony

Different Dimension Horde
Different Dimension Murloc
Different Dimension Spectral Tiger
Different Dimension Hurry Down The Chimney Tonight
Different Dimension Christmahanakwanzika
Different Dimension Think Of All The Fellas That I Haven’t Kissed
Different Dimension Homeboy
Different Dimension Squarey Hexy
Different Dimension Light it Up Blue
Different Dimension All That Glitter is Not Gold
Different Dimension Foiled Again
Different Dimension Silver Lining
Different Dimension Hearts of Steel
Different Dimension Heart of Rose Gold
Different Dimension Bold As Brass
Different Dimension Copper-Bottomed
Different Dimension Pedal to the Metal
Different Dimension Ghostbusters
Different Dimension Werewolves of London
Different Dimension Dragula
Different Dimension Thriller
Different Dimension Monster Mash

Digital Nails Showtime, Synergy
Digital Nails Whack With Poo Brains
Digital Nails Ultimate Ginger
Digital Nails Chocolate Waterfall
Digital Nails Dark Matter
Digital Nails Opposite Bohr-ing
Digital Nails Pale Blue Dots
Digital Nails Faraday-Glo
Digital Nails Real-Life Mad Scientist

Dollish Polish The Hero Of Time
Dollish Polish Go Luigi!
Dollish Polish It’s A Me Mario
Dollish Polish Cherry Cordial
Dollish Polish Hylian Princess
Dollish Polish Creme De Menthe
Dollish Polish Gym Tan Laundry

Elevation Polish Marmolada
Elevation Polish Evening In The Woods

ellagee Chronic Badass

Emerald & Ash Dirty 30
Emerald & Ash Blue Corundum
Emerald & Ash Midnight Sapphire (#2 of 3)
Emerald & Ash Deconstructed Daisy
Emerald & Ash Deep Field
Emerald & Ash In Times of War & Peace
Emerald & Ash Goes Rolling Along
Emerald & Ash Semper Fidelis
Emerald & Ash Stars and Stripes Forever
Emerald & Ash Wild Blue Yonder
Emerald & Ash Sails Set to the Sky
Emerald & Ash Helix Nebula
Emerald & Ash Cuddle-Butt
Emerald & Ash Black Forest, CO
Emerald & Ash Hourglass Nebula
Emerald & Ash Red Shift
Emerald & Ash Five Over
Emerald & Ash Construction Season
Emerald & Ash Bump
Emerald & Ash Are We There Yet?
Emerald & Ash Stretch Your Legs
Emerald & Ash Bike Lane
Emerald & Ash Impending Snow
Emerald & Ash Black Ice
Emerald & Ash Moonlit Snow
Emerald & Ash Regenbogen-baum
Emerald & Ash Trick
Emerald & Ash Winter Lights
Emerald & Ash Aurora Lit Sky

Emily de Molly Dark Forces

Enchanted Polish August 2013
Enchanted Polish Future Reflections
Enchanted Polish To Die For
Enchanted Polish January 2014
Enchanted Polish Water For Unicorns
Enchanted Polish February 2014
Enchanted Polish Lobster Roll
Enchanted Polish April 2014
Enchanted Polish March 2014
Enchanted Polish August 2014
Enchanted Polish November 2014
Enchanted Polish December 2014
Enchanted Polish May 2014
Enchanted Polish July 2014
Enchanted Polish June 2014
Enchanted Polish September 2014
Enchanted Polish October 2014
Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine
Enchanted Polish La La Land

F4 Polish Go Bucks
F4 Polish Stormy Night
F4 Polish Hocus Pocus

Fanchromatic Nails The Man In The Moon

Fantasy Nail Lacquer Cosmic Grapes
Fantasy Nail Lacquer Majestic
Fantasy Nail Lacquer Merryweather
Fantasy Nail LacquerRainbow Rocket
Fantasy Nail Lacquer Mercury Bubblegum
Fantasy Nail Lacquer Magic
Fantasy Nail Lacquer Mystique 
Fantasy Nail Lacquer Sapphire Rose

Femme Fatale Midsummer Petals
Femme Fatale Mana Ruby
Femme Fatale The Fruitcake Is Not A Lie
Femme Fatale The Other Side of The World

Finger Lickin’ Lacquer Hey Assbutt
Finger Lickin’ Lacquer Hello Boys
Finger Lickin’ Lacquer Croatoan
Finger Lickin’ Lacquer Fight the Fairies
Finger Lickin’ Lacquer Knight of Hell
Finger Lickin’ Lacquer Moose
Finger Lickin’ Lacquer Oh, Baby
Finger Lickin’ Lacquer Hunter’s Helper
Finger Lickin’ Lacquer Cherry Pie
Finger Lickin’ Lacquer Call Me Meg

Foxy Paws Boys Will Be Boys

Girly Bits Blue Eyed Beer Drinkin Music Lovin Lawyer

Glam Polish Brite
Glam Polish Frankenslime
Glam Polish Total Eclipse

Glitter Guilty Sea Creature
Glitter Guilty Summer Sunset
Glitter Guilty State Fair
Glitter Guilty New Age
Glitter Guilty Toil and Trouble
Glitter Guilty Violet Vixen
Glitter Guilty Tight End
Glitter Guilty Picadilly Plum
Glitter Guilty Wicked
Glitter Guilty Sovereignty
Glitter Guilty Sugar and Spice
Glitter Guilty Royals
Glitter Guilty Pinecones and Holly Berries
Glitter Guilty Lilac Luxe
Glitter Guilty Sub-Zero
Glitter Guilty A Winter’s Night
Glitter Guilty Cupid’s Crossbow
Glitter Guilty Love Dove
Glitter Guilty Feelin’ Lucky
Glitter Guilty Irish Seas
Glitter Guilty Frozen
Glitter Guilty Let It Go
Glitter Guilty He Loves Me
Glitter Guilty Pocket Full of Posies
Glitter Guilty Cool Breeze
Glitter Guilty Bright like a Diamond

Glitzology Little Red Corvette
Glitzology My Viking Boyfriend
Glitzology Snow Day

Gothic Gala Darkest Kiss
Gothic Gala Kiss of Death
Gothic Gala Hollow Promises, Deadly Kisses
Gothic Gala Vampire’s Kiss
Gothic Gala Venomous Kiss
Gothic Gala Spectral Kisses
Gothic Gala Orlander’s Kiss
Gothic Gala Siren’s Kiss

Hare Rococo Grandeur

Hit Polish Sand & Sea

Jindie Nails Burrrberry
Jindie Nails Princess Breath
Jindie Nails Rave
Jindie Nails Strawberry Cupcake

Joyful Noise Cosmetics Hero of Hyrule

KBShimmer Totally Tubular
KBShimmer Snow Much Fun
KBShimmer Sand In My Stocking
KBShimmer When The Doves Sigh
KBShimmer Green Hex and Glam

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Umbrella Corp

Kunimitsu You Are Loved

Lacquerhead Polish Full Tealt

Laquerlicious Lady Liberty
Laquerlicious Honor a Bull
Laquerlicious Cuddle a Bull
Laquerlicious Poppy Fields
Laquerlicious Peacock Tail
Laquerlicious Daisy Fresh

Legion Lacquer Sub-Zero Frost
Legion Lacquer Truly, Tanzanite

Lilypad Lacquer A Balt Out Of The Blue

Literary Lacquers What Fools These Mortals Be
Literary Lacquers Gift of the Magi
Literary Lacquers Bright Spirit
Literary Lacquers Woman of Pleasure
Literary Lacquer Some Glad Morning

Lucky 13 Lacquer Walker Bait
Lucky 13 Lacquer Mist and Shadows, Cloud and Shade

Lumina Lacquer The Snow Prince

Lynnderella Sapphire Starfire
Lynnderella The Stars In Her Eyes

Mentality 24k Gold
Mentality 12k Gold
Mentality Nina
Mentality Stunning

Mod Lacquer Imperial Serpent
Mod Lacquer Nonpareils
Mod Lacquer Solar Sail
Mod Lacquer Mothman
Mod Lacquer Revenant
Mod Lacquer Breaking Mod
Mod Lacquer Chupacabra
Mod Lacquer Pink Tart
Mod Lacquer Blackberry Cream
Mod Lacquer Blueberry Bliss
Mod Lacquer Minty Kiss

Monster Polish Damage Taken 1/2

Nail-Venturous Floam

Nailant Hyrule

Nailgasm Unicorn Barf
Nailgasm Snow Flurious

NailNation Share The Love

Nail Pattern Boldness Vincent Price Is Right

NerdLacquer Shiny
NerdLacquer Don’t Panic
NerdLacquer Don’t Blink

Northern Star Berry Much In Love
Northern Star Bittersweet

Penguin Polish Edward’s Kiss
Penguin Polish Love Potion
Penguin Polish Afternoon Delight

Perception Goblin Spit
Perception Unicorn Farts
Perception Rainbow Kisses
Perception Cat Puke
Perception Hedgemina Hedgepack
Perception Blue Glitterati
Perception Wicked
Perception Fairy Jizz

Polish Addict Summer Lovin’
Polish Addict Beachy Keen
Polish Addict Milky Way
Polish Addict Happy Birthday (September 2013)

The Polish Bar Oceanic

Polished by KPT Siren’s Song

Pretty & Polished Liquid Gold
Pretty & Polished Day In The Park
Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker
Pretty & Polished Catnip, Sweet Babies!
Pretty & Polished Ma Ma Ma My Fionna
Pretty & Polished Prince and Repeat
Pretty & Polished Cutie Pie
Pretty & Polished First Kiss
Pretty & Polished Cold on the Shoulder
Pretty & Polished A Painter Passing Through
Pretty & Polished Opal
Pretty & Polished The Saga
Pretty & Polished Hootin & Holoin’
Pretty & Polished Chrome Is Where the Heart Is
Pretty & Polished Contents Under Texture
Pretty & Polished Solar Opposites
Pretty & Polished The Glow Must Go On
Pretty & Polished Thermal Remedy
Pretty & Polished The Gamorous Life
Pretty & Polished Planet We All Just Get Along?
Pretty & Polished Something Good, Something Bad
Pretty & Polished Black Holes of Sirius Major
Pretty & Polished Draximum Security
Pretty & Polished Pretty & Patriotic
Pretty & Polished Summer Love
Pretty & Polished Living in Flip Flops
Pretty & Polished Lakefront
Pretty & Polished Sandy Shore
Pretty & Polished Firefly
Pretty & Polished Poolside

Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise
Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler

Reverie Nail Lacquer Summer Wine
Reverie Nail Lacquer Andromeda
Reverie Nail Lacquer Mermaid Scales
Reverie Nail Lacquer Agave
Reverie Nail Lacquer Orchid
Reverie Nail Lacquer Seascape

Scofflaw Nail Varnish Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Scofflaw Nail Varnish David Bowie’s Bulge

Shimmer Jenny
Shimmer Tammy

Smitten Polish Klaatu Barada Nikto

SuperChic Lacquer Rive Gauche
SuperChic Lacquer Euphoria
SuperChic Lacquer Rockin’ My Grammy Panties
SuperChic Lacquer Inked Dolls “Free Spirit”
SuperChic Lacquer TNT
SuperChic Lacquer Bubble Burst
SuperChic Lacquer Party Popper
SuperChic Lacquer Brazilian Panty
SuperChic Lacquer Bodacious Babydoll
SuperChic LacquerTitillating Teddy
SuperChic Lacquer The Rub
SuperChic Lacquer Fun Buddies
SuperChic Lacquer Happy Endin’
SuperChic Lacquer Duchess of Dingebury
SuperChic Lacquer Dirty Girly
SuperChic Lacquer Wretched Wench
SuperChic Lacquer Smutty Mermaid
SuperChic Lacquer Buddy Vampire
SuperChic Lacquer Calico Pumpkin
SuperChic Lacquer Stormchaser
SuperChic Lacquer Funnel Cloud
SuperChic Lacquer Vortex
SuperChic Lacquer Doom & Gloom
SuperChic Lacquer F5 The Motherload
SuperChic Lacquer Ivycicle
SuperChic Lacquer Whoville
SuperChic Lacquer Morphamas
SuperChic Lacquer Christmas Evie
SuperChic Lacquer Ugly Sweater Party
SuperChic Lacquer Candycane Magique
SuperChic Lacquer Mammoth
SuperChic Lacquer Fuchsure Drive Me Insane
SuperChic Lacquer Coming Unblued
SuperChic Lacquer Lost My Melon
SuperChic Lacquer Figmint Of My Reality
SuperChic Lacquer Shrinking Violet
SuperChic Lacquer American Honey
SuperChic Lacquer She’s A Firecracker
SuperChic Lacquer Lady Liberty
SuperChic Lacquer Clap Loud For Fairies
SuperChic Lacquer Thimble Kisses
SuperChic Lacquer Tink Happy Thoughts
SuperChic Lacquer Second Star To The Right
SuperChic Lacquer I Can Fly
SuperChic Lacquer Wendybird
SuperChic Lacquer Never Grow Up
SuperChic Lacquer Chasing Shadows
SuperChic Lacquer Kissed by the Sun
SuperChic Lacquer Sunday Drive
SuperChic Lacquer Hot Springs Dipping Hole
SuperChic Lacquer White Water Rush
SuperChic Lacquer Basking in the Sand
SuperChic Lacquer Pocket Full of Posies
SuperChic Lacquer Bulletproof Betty
SuperChic Lacquer Gauntlet Girl

Takko Lacquer The Blue Flamingo

Triple Seven Polish Smoke & Mirrors
Triple Seven Polish In The Money
Triple Seven Polish Poolside Cocktail
Triple Seven Polish Payout Paradise
Triple Seven Polish Lounge Act

Too Cute-icle Pretty Pretty Princess

Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Wicked
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Blue Moon
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Lake Glass
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Chilean Chocolate
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Sugar Plum
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Spruce
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Ribbon Candy
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Magical Night of Lights
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Love Spell
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Sweet Talk
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Bewitched
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Starcrossed
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Tide Pools
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Secret Garden
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Cloud Burst
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Goldstone
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer Wild Wisteria

Vivid Lacquer Notebook Paper
Vivid Lacquer Moonlit Cheshire
Vivid Lacquer Have Fun Storming The Castle
Vivid Lacquer The Sea After a Storm
Vivid Lacquer Fire Swamp
Vivid Lacquer Not A Lot of Money In Revenge
Vivid Lacquer Bettie Sage
Vivid Lacquer Crimson Vixens
Vivid Lacquer Theoretically Nude
Vivid Lacquer Theoretical Gamer

WingDust <3

Wonder Beauty Be Gentle
Wonder Beauty Joy Ride
Wonder Beauty Clown Toots
Wonder Beauty USO Rosie
Wonder Beauty Roxie Hart
Wonder Beauty Let’s Play Footsie
Wonder Beauty Kismet
Wonder Beauty 1 Dozen Heart Bouquet
Wonder Beauty Cherries Jubilee

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  1. KARLA SIMS May 23, 2016 at 7:50 AM #

    Hi I was on your website and noticed that you had a cupcake polish in “Its not what you pink” on your destash list. I was wondering if there was a way i could acquire this polish. I am a huge cupcake polish fan and have been searching for this polish. Please contact me at

    Thank you Karla

    • Nina May 23, 2016 at 7:59 PM #

      That is my personal stash list, sadly it’s not up for trade. 🙁

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