Above the Curve Lemming Have It!

5 Aug

Hello everyone!  I hope all has been going great today!  I am back with another amazing blend from Above the Curve’s Polish Addiction Collection.  So far I have loved everyone single one of these and would highly recommend the entire collection to anyone who loves polish. Today I am sharing Lemming Have It!.  This one is a beautiful rich purple base packed with holographic goodness.  What makes this one different than most holo purples on the market?  Well there are these gorgeous blue/purple flakes that just add this extra bit of beauty.  I used three coats in my pics but easily could have done just two.  Application was wonderful and the holo was wonderful.  The first group of pics I will share are in my light box.

Lemming Have It! 1 Lemming Have It! 2 Lemming Have It! 3 Lemming Have It! 4 Lemming Have It! 5

Now to brighten it up with some sun light.  The flakes tend to hid behind the holographic pigment but it still is a wonderful look.

Lemming Have It! 6 Lemming Have It! 7 Lemming Have It! 8 Lemming Have It! 9

Isn’t this just beautiful?!  I absolutely love it!  Please take a moment to check out the rest of Above the Curve’s wonderful blends and show them some Model City love!  I hope you guys continue to have a wonderful day and I will see you guys again tomorrow! <3

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