Polish Addict Beachy Keen

3 Jul

Good afternoon!  Who’s at the beach right now?  Well I’m jelly and would love to be there with you!  I need a beach fix in a bad way, too much work makes for a dull summer.  Hopefully come September I can make a quick little beach trip myself.  Until then Beachy Keen will have to fill my beach need.  Beachy Keen is a purplish, gray base filled with pink, yellow, purple, and orange glitter.  This one was wonderful to work with and I didn’t have any trouble with the glitter placement.  All of my photos are shown with three coats and followed up with a coat of Gelous.

Beachy Keen 1 Beachy Keen 2 Beachy Keen 3 Beachy Keen 4 Beachy Keen 5 Beachy Keen 6

So what do you guys think of Beachy Keen?  Isn’t it just lovely?  Thanks a ton for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you guys again tomorrow!  I have some cute Fourth of July nails to share with you guys! <3

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