Superchic Lacquer Nude French Lingerie Collection

7 Jun

Good evening everyone!  I have got a wonderful late night collection to share with you guys tonight! I will be sharing tons of pics from the hot new Superchic Lacquers Nude French Lingerie Collection.  This collection consist of some super pale nude tinted blends that work great for adding some extra flair to a boring french mani.  Now I have a little dirty secret to share with you guys….. I have never actually done a french manicure!  This was a great way for me to try it out and the Superchics covered any mistakes!  I tried wearing each one a different way to show the versatility of these blends.  Enough babbling, lets get to some super sexy polish!

First up is Brazilian Panty.  This one is nude colored base with many sizes of silver and gold glitter.  I decided on this to go super nude and only wear one coat.  I used Finger Paints Paper Mache as my french, one coat of Brazilian, and one coat of Gelous.  Application was great and glitter was a breeze to work with.  I probably should have given the white a little more time to dry but hey, it’s my first time….

Brazilian Panty 1 Brazilian Panty 2 Brazilian Panty 3 Brazilian Panty 4 Brazilian Panty 5

I feel so exposed!  Next up is Bodacious Babydoll.  This blend is a pink toned base packed with silver and pink glitter in various sizes.  I decided with this blend to cover up a little more but still look sexy.  I again used my Finger Paints Paper Mache followed up with two coats of Bodacious Babydoll.  I topped it off with my Gelous to smooth out the glitter.

Bodacious Babydoll 1 Bodacious Babydoll 2 Bodacious Babydoll 3 Bodacious Babydoll 4 Bodacious Babydoll 5

Last but not least, Titillating Teddy.  This one is a seafoam green base with tealish blue and gold glitter.  This one was certainly my favorite out of the three.  I decided to go three coats on this one with no undies…. sexy!  Application was phenomenal and the depth is gorgeous!  I did follow up with my Gelous to smooth things.

Titillationg Teddy 1 Titillationg Teddy 2 Titillationg Teddy 3 Titillationg Teddy 4 Titillationg Teddy 5

So which combo was your favorite?  I loved the two coat look, sexy but sophisticated.  If you like what you see please take a moment to check our Superchic Lacquers Etsy shop and definitely follow them on Facebook.  I hear a rumor there may be a giveaway coming up. 😉  I hope you guys enjoyed experiencing my first with me tonight!  Yeah for French mani!  Thanks a ton for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you again really soon!

These were sent to me for photo purposes but do not change my review or opinions in anyway.

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