Above the Curve What No Buy?

29 Jul

Good afternoon everyone!  I thought today’s post would be appropriate since I too am on the dread no buy.  There have been sooooo many pretties released recently that I am just dying to have them all!  I must stay strong!  So this leads me to another one of the gorgeous blends that I won on Above the Curves Facebook page.  What No Buy? is another lovely lacquer from the Polish Addiction collection.  This one is a gold base with tiny gold holographic glitters.  This stuff looks amazing in or outdoors!  I normally don’t like golds but this one has just enough holo to make me like it.  Application was wonderful and the glitter distributed wonderfully.  All of my photos are shown with just two coats and a coat of Seche Vite.  First for the light box photos.

What No Buy? 1 What No Buy? 2 What No Buy? 3 What No Buy? 4 What No Buy? 5

Now to brighten things up with a little sunshine…….

What No Buy? 6 What No Buy? 7 What No Buy? 8 What No Buy? 9

So what do you guys think of the gold?  Again, I am normally (well never) a fan of gold but I like this one.  I will certainly keep it around for those times when I need the elegant touch of gold.  Be sure to check out Above the Curve and share some Model City love!  I will be back tomorrow with a little something different.  I am not allowed to wear polish due to surgery so I am going to share some clean nude nails with you guys and share the products that I use to keep my nails strong and oiled.  Thanks a ton for stopping by and I will see you guys in the am. <3

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