Orly Skinny Dip and The Polish Bar Oceanic

31 Jul

Good morning everyone!  So surgery is over and it’s time to get thing back to normal.  Today I would like to share another one of my favorite combos and surprise surprise, it’s blue!  First up is Orly Skinny Dip.  I love this pearly blue but don’t know about the finish.  It’s kind of a satin finish and looks sort of streaky without a top coat.  My photos are shown with three coats and no top coat.

Skinny Dip 1 Skinny Dip 2 Skinny Dip 3 Skinny Dip 4 Skinny Dip 5

Now for some sparkle and gloss!  I love adding my Polish Bar Oceanic.  I received Oceanic in a custom indie exchange and fell in love.  Oceanic is a clear base packed with blue and lime green glitters in various sizes, shapes, and finishes.  This stuff lays beautifully and I only need one good coat to get great coverage.  I topped this off with a coat of Gelous.

Oceanic 1 Oceanic 2 Oceanic 3 Oceanic 4 Oceanic 5 Oceanic 6

Beautiful, right?  Holo and dots totally wins me over for sure!  Be sure to check out The Polish Bar for more amazing blends.  Thank you guys for stopping by today and I look forward to meeting again. <3

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