Sneak Peek of the New Blends for the Shop Tomorrow

16 Jul

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I have a little preview of the new blends going up in the shop tomorrow at 5:30 PM CST.  I have four blends that have been marinating for a few months now and are ready for release.  All of the blends are inspired by various aspects in my life.

Group shot

First up is Amethyst.  Amethyst is a clear base packed with light purple holographic glitter and then a splash of blueish purple glitter.  This one is designed as a top coat but can easily be worn on its own with a little work.  All of my gemstone inspired blends also work wonderful for gradients!  My pictures below are shown with one coat over Avon Loving Lavender and my ring finger is three generous coats.  I then topped them all off with some Gelous.

Amethyst 1 Amethyst 2 Amethyst 3 Amethyst 4 Amethyst 5

Next up is Midsummer Night.  This one is a cross between a blue creme and a jelly and layers beautifully.  I then splashed in two different sizes of silver holographic glitter.  My photos are shown with three coats and then topped with a coat of Gelous.

Midsummer Nights 1 Midsummer Nights 2 Midsummer Nights 3 Midsummer Nights 4 Midsummer Nights 5

Now for Sugar Rush.  This one is a rose pink color with a silver pigment and a hint of holographic shimmer.  Also great coverage in one to two coats.  My photos are shown with two coats and a coat of Gelous.

Sugar Rush 1 Sugar Rush 2 Sugar Rush 3 Sugar Rush 4 Sugar Rush 5

Last but certainly not least, Sweet Tart.  Sweet Tart is a white creamy base filled with two different sizes of blue matte hexes, purple matte hexes, and bright pink matte squares.  My photos are shown with three coats and topped with Gelous.

Sweet Tart 1 Sweet Tart 2 Sweet Tart 3 Sweet Tart 4 Sweet Tart 5

So what do you guys think?  Do you like a preview the day before release so you can see better pics?  If this is something you find helpful please let me know and I will start doing this before all releases.  Thanks you guys for all of your support!  You are all amazing! I hope you all have a fabulous evening and I will see you again tomorrow! <3

2 Responses to “Sneak Peek of the New Blends for the Shop Tomorrow”

  1. Patricia Templeton July 26, 2013 at 7:28 PM #

    I love the idea of up close pics like this before a release of new polishes! Allows me to see the gorgeousness up close and in different ways as well!

    • Nina July 27, 2013 at 9:06 PM #

      Thanks Patricia! I am glad you found my preview helpful and I will certainly be doing this for future releases. <3

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