True Glow Eye Cream, Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub, and Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask by Valentia

11 Jan

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Good evening everyone!  I hope you are all having a fantastic day!  Today I have some great skin care products from Valentia to share with you guys.  I was contacted two weeks ago on trying out some of their products and I was super excited, I am in need of some new items to add in to my skin care routine.  Tonight we are going to take a look at what I have tried from Valentia so far.

First up is their True Glow Eye Cream.  Valentia’s Eye Cream is packed with natural and organic ingredients to deliver a powerful punch to those dark circle, fine lines and wrinkles, and puffiness.  I have to talk about how much I love the way this stuff smells!!!  It’s not perfumy and absorbed quickly without leaving an overpowering scent behind.  Some eye creams that I have used leave a shiny finish but now with Valentia’s True Glow Eye Cream.  My dark circles did seem a bit lighter and puffiness wasn’t as noticeable.  I can’t say much on wrinkles/fine lines, I think I need a much longer test period to give full results.  All in all, I like and am using day and night.
Eye CreamEye Cream 2

Next up we have Valentia’s Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub. This is a jelly like scrub made with green and white tea extract, aloe vera gel, jojoba beads, and olive, avocado, and kukui butter.  When I first applied this gel it did have a “burning” sensation but I experienced no redness so I’m not sure what exactly was going on.  If you have sensitive skin I would suggest being cautions first use.  That being said, my skin was so smooth after using the Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub!!!  Smooth and no greasy residue!  Love!

Scrub 1 Scrub 2

Lastly we will take a look at Valentia’s Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask.  I have been trying to find a good clay mask and after a few messy brands, I was thrilled to try out Valentia’s mask.  This stuff was incredibly easy to apply and being packed with natural and organic ingredients was even better.  Just like the scrub, I did experience a mild “burning” sensation but as the product dried, that went away.  Again I had no signs of skin irritation afterwards but I do want to caution those with sensitive skin.

Clay Mask 1 Clay Mask 2

So have you guys tried out Valentia yet?  What do you think?  All around I am pretty pleased with the products.  They are very price competitive, being able to order via Amazon Prime is super awesome, and being natural and organic is a win for me.  I will certainly be adding these new products in my daily and weekly skin care routine.  Be sure to check out all the products Valentia has to offer and check out their amazing coupon offers.  Thank you so much for stopping by tonight and I will see you all again tomorrow.

These products were provided for review but that does not influence my opinions.

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