Sweet Heart Polish Disneyland or Bust, Blue Chandel-Ear, & Dahlia

18 Aug

Good morning everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!  Today I have some lovely lacquers from Sweet Heart Polish that I am sure you guys are going to love.  While in Vegas I had the pleasure of meeting with Cassandra and hanging out with her one evening.  She is one of the most sweet, generous people and it really shows in her wonderful lacquers.  Before parting ways we swapped some polish and I was in love!  Today I have three blends to share with you and one of which is probably now in my top 5 glitter toppers.

First up we have Disneyland or Bust.  This is a lovely clear base blend with bright neon mattes in various sizes, black Mickey heads, and fine iridescent glitter.  The formula was perfect and the Mickey heads were the perfect amount.  I had no issues with the glitter and everything distributed beautifully.  In my photos I am wearing three coats of OPI Alpine Snow, one coat of Disneyland or Bust, and one coat of Gelous.

Disneyland or Bust 1 Disneyland or Bust 2 Disneyland or Bust 3 Disneyland or Bust 4 Disneyland or Bust 5 Disneyland or Bust 6

Next up is Blue Chandel-Ear.  This is a clear base blend with periwinkle and silver holographic glitter in various sizes and shapes, and grey bows.  I LOVE THIS TOP COAT!!!!!  The color combination is stunning, the glitter distribution was perfect, and the formula was a dream.  In my photos I am wearing two coats of Finger Paints Springtime Bloom, one coat of Chandel-Ear, and one coat of Gelous.

Blue Chandel-Ear 1 Blue Chandel-Ear 2 Blue Chandel-Ear 3 Blue Chandel-Ear 4 Blue Chandel-Ear 5 Blue Chandel-Ear 6

Lastly is Dahlia.  This is a bright purple holographic blend with purple flakes.  Once again the formula was perfect and coverage was wonderful.  In my photos I am wearing just three coats of Dahlia.

Dahlia 1 Dahlia 2 Dahlia 3 Dahlia 4 Dahlia 5

So what do you guys think?  Which is your favorite?  I love them all but Blue Chandel-Ear certainly holds a special place in my heart.  Please check out all that Sweet Heart Polish has to offer and give them a follow on Facebook for up to date info on new collections and releases.  Be sure to enter the giveaway and get those daily entries.  Thank you so much for stopping by this morning and I will see you guys again tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Sweet Heart Polish Disneyland or Bust, Blue Chandel-Ear, & Dahlia”

  1. kendahl August 18, 2014 at 12:50 PM #

    I have Dahlia and I’m a little obsessed with it.

    I adore Cassandra. She really is incredibly sweet and her polishes are wonderful.

    • Nina August 18, 2014 at 1:56 PM #

      I agree 100%! <3

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