Superchic Lacquer Grunge Glam Part 1

14 Jun

Hello everyone!  I hope all has been well with you!  I am back today to share some more lovely polish from Superchic Lacquer.  Over the next two days I will be sharing tons of pic from one of her new collection, the Grunge Glam.  All of the blends in the Grunge Collection are matte black bases but I am going to show you them both matte and glossy.  Enough on the intro and on to the polish.

First up is Wretched Wench.  She is packed with red glitter in two sizes with lovely rich matte black base.  I did use a little dabbing to move the glitter around to get an even look. This stuff dries incredibly quick which is a huge bonus in a busy lifestyle.  In all of my pictures shown below is just three coats.

Wretched Wench 1 Wretched Wench 2 Wretched Wench 3 Wretched Wench 4 Wretched Wench 5

Now to add some high gloss….

Wretched Wench 6 Wretched Wench 7 Wretched Wench 8 Wretched Wench 9 Wretched Wench 10

Next up is Smutty Mermaid.  This one is a wonderful blend of green, blue, and scattered silver glitter suspended in a matte black base.  Again I used three coats and it dried crazy quick.  The glitter placement was very fluid and needed very little work.

Smutty Mermaid 1 Smutty Mermaid 2 Smutty Mermaid 3 Smutty Mermaid 4 Smutty Mermaid 5

And now the shine….

Smutty Mermaid 6 Smutty Mermaid 7 Smutty Mermaid 8 Smutty Mermaid 9 Smutty Mermaid 10

So which is your favorite?  I like the versatility between the two and super amazing dry times.  Please take a moment to check out Superchic Lacquer and give her a follow on Facebook.  Please leave me a little comment on what you think and what you would like to see more of.  I hope the rest of your day is fabulous! Thanks for stopping by! <3

These were sent to me for photo purposes and does not change me review.

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