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3 Jan

Product provide by Influenster for review

Good afternoon!!!  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  Today I am finally sharing my full review on the Flash&Go Express by Silk’n.  I received this product back in November from Influenster.  To say I was excited about trying this product out puts it mildly!  I am the world’s worst when it comes to shaving, I am guaranteed to have a few cuts every time, I hate the task, the expensive products….. I just hate it all!  Well except for having super smooth skin!

The Flash&Go Express from Silk’n is a home electrolysis device that has been deemed safe and cleared by the FDA.  The Flash&Go Express is advertised as a painless and permeant hair removal decide for at home use.  When you purchase the Flash&Go Express from Silk’n you receive the device, extra long charging cable, storage case, cleaning cloth, and all need reading material.  One thing that I felt was missing from the packaging was a velcro type strap for the charging cable, like you find on say a laptop charging cable.  It was annoying having to use a cheap twist tie after each use and remembering to pick up a velcro cable keeps slipping my mind.  Considering the price of the device, the few cents on a velcro strap would have been nice to have.  Okay off my over organized soap box! 😛

Flash Go 1 Flash Go 2 Flash Go 3 Flash Go 4

Now to talk about the Flash&Go Express device itself.  The device is lightweight, fits in my elfish small hands with no issues, and super easy to use!  The controls are easy to access and understand.  The window in which you use for treatment is rather small though so don’t be in a hurry.  I found it hard to keep up with where I had already treated but found using a light pen mark was easiest for keeping track.  Now since the window is so small and the fact that Silk’n expresses many times to not retreat the same spot, I am sure I do not get full coverage with each use.  That being said, I did notice a very slight difference over 3 uses/6weeks.  I experienced no pain for 99% of my treatment, the exception is my knees.  On my knees would have a slight zap feeling that immediately went away after use. I have taken picture of my process… don’t get to grossed out!  Blah!

Left Leg

Left Ankle

Right Leg

Right Ankle

So as you can see, the hair is certainly getting patchy.  I do feel overtime that this may be a very effect product but due to time restraints, Influenster wanted a review sooner.  I will continue treatment and certainly report back in after a few more months of use.  They do stress to not use this if the skin has been exposed to sunlight so once warm weather hits, I will stop my use but hopefully by then I will be mostly hair free.  Now one thing I do want to point out is the Silk’n app for your iPhone or Android device.  I immediately downloaded the app and it made things so much easier in the set up and first time treatment use department.  Sadly though, since then Silk’n has done an app update for iPhone and now all it does is crash for me.  Yes, download the app for first time use but do not rely on it for longterm.  Take the time to write down your schedule and treatment settings so if the thing crashes like it has for me, you have something to fall back on.

There you have it!  Do I think the Flash&Go Express from Silk’n is a permanent hair removal device, possibly.  Is it pain free and easy to use, most certainly!  Do I think it’s over priced, if at actually works then no.  Hair removal is expensive, I have priced!  Is this a device I would have bought myself, no due to the price but am so glad I have had the chance to use it and if it does truly remove my hair then I will tell EVERYONE I know!  Now if this is something you just have to try out for yourself, head over to Silk’n and use code NOHAIR for 10% off! Code good until January 31, 2016. Thank you so much for stopping by today and I will see you all again tomorrow!

This product was provided for free but that does not influence my opinions.

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