Reverie Nail Lacquer Jelly Trio

26 Jan

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Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday.  Today I have a new trio of jellies coming from Reverie Nail Lacquer.  You guys know I love Reverie’s jelly blends so when I saw they were releasing three new ones, I squealed with excitement.  To me they make some of the best jellies on the market and all three of these are no exception.

First up today we have Provence.  This is a pale green jelly with pink, gold, and light blue glitter in various sizes and shapes.  The blend is really loaded down with glitter but application was surprising easy for the amount.  Coverage was also wonderful.  In my photos I am wearing two coats of Provence and two coats of Gelous.

Provence 1 Provence 2 Provence 3 Provence 4 Provence 5

Next up we have Rosebud.  This is a berry jelly blend with pink, gold, and blue iridescent glitter in various sizes, shapes, and shades.  Again application and coverage was flawless.  In my photos I am wearing two coats of Rosebud and two coats of Gelous.

Rosebud 1 Rosebud 2 Rosebud 3 Rosebud 4 Rosebud 5

Lastly we have Dragonet and my favorite out of the trio.  This is a rich blue jelly filled with coral, blue, green, and gold iridescent glitter in various sizes and shapes.  Application and coverage were simply perfect and the end jelly look was perfect.  The color combination worked surprisingly well with each other and is just what I need during these colder days.  In my photos I am wearing two coats of Dragonet and two coats of Gelous.

Dragonet 1 Dragonet 2 Dragonet 3 Dragonet 4 Dragonet 5

So what do you guys think of these new jellies?  I LOVE THEM!!! Though that is probably not a surprise to my regular readers.  This new collection by Reverie Nail Lacquer will be releasing this Wednesday at 10:00 AM EST but until then, check out all the other great lacquers they have to offer.  Be sure to give Reverie Nail Lacquer a follow on Facebook and Instagram for up to date info and sneak peeks from other bloggers featuring this new trio.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I will see you all again tomorrow.

These products were sent to me for review purposes but that does not influence my final opinions.

2 Responses to “Reverie Nail Lacquer Jelly Trio”

  1. Jessica January 27, 2015 at 9:58 AM #

    Rosebud is really lovely!

    • Nina January 28, 2015 at 4:39 PM #

      Agreed! The gold shimmer really adds that extra special pop.

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