Kawaii Nail Lacquer Umbrella Corp

22 Oct

Good evening everyone!  Tonight’s nails are based off of my all time favorite zombie video game and movie series, Resident Evil.  I have been following the series since day one so as soon as I saw Kawaii was releasing a limited I was immediately in love!  At the time there were to be only 10 released and of course it was during my 3 month no buy span, oh no!!!!!  And then a sweet dear friend saved the day and snatched a bottle up for me!!!  Since then Kawaii has released more of this “limited” blend so they are still plenty available.  On to the polish.

Umbrella Corp is a sheer black jelly base with red and white glitters in various sizes and shapes.  The base appeared to be pretty sheer to wear on its own so I paired it with Sinful Colors Black on Black, my go to black creme.  Unfortuanlty I was not able to repeat the amazing pics I was seeing before release.  The polish was pretty thin so all of the glitter just fell of the stick.  I let the bottle sit upside down for about 30 mins to try to free up the glitter from the bottle and try to distribute them better throughout the base.  It is still a very pretty combo, just not as much glitter as I had hoped for.  My photos are shown with two coats of Umbrella Corp and no top coat.

Umbrella Corp 1 Umbrella Corp 2 Umbrella Corp 3 Umbrella Corp 4 Umbrella Corp 5 Umbrella Corp 6

So what do you guys think of this game inspired blend?  I think next time I will grab some tools to help grab some of the glitters a little better but I still like the idea of this blend.  If you are not up for fishing I would not recommend this blend, it will require some work and patience.  Please take a moment and check out Kawaii Nail Lacquer for other great game/comic inspired blends.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you guys again real soon!

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