Fantasy Nail Lacquer Sapphire Rose

11 Jul

Good evening everyone!  I am so excited for today post.  I have a really beauty from Fantasy Nail Lacquer to share with you guys.  Sapphire Rose is a rich blue base packed with tine silver holographic glitters and just lights up my eyes when I look at it.  You guys know by now I’m a sucker for blues and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint.  The only negative I can give is it is very thick, almost gloopy thick.  I don’t know if this is because it sat in the southern sun on my front porch for two days or what but next time I use it I will probably add some thinner.  That being said, this stuff could be as thick as molasses and I would still love it, it’s gorgeous!  I had amazing coverage in just two coats and then used a coat of Seche Vite to give a high gloss finish.

Sapphire Rose 1 Sapphire Rose 2 Sapphire Rose 3 Sapphire Rose 4 Sapphire Rose 5 Sapphire Rose 6

Oooooo, so pretty! What do you think?  I think I need a second bottle for back up, I’m going to be using this one A LOT!  Be sure to check out their shop for more wonderful blends or click on their category to the right here for more pics of some other amazing blends by then.  Thanks a ton for stopping by and I look forward to getting together real soon! <3

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