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24 Jul

Press Sample

Good evening everyone!  I am back today with another wonderful new find from Cosmoprof North America.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Eylure and learning so much about their lashes!  They was super helpful in giving great tips for easy and long wear application, and helped me pick out a fun set of lashes to share with you guys.

We decided to go with Eylure Nº 083, a short but plentiful lash.  These were great for making a statement but low-key enough for daytime wear.  After trimming a little we got a good fit, though I think I need to work on placement a little better.  The glue held up pretty good and I only had to do some minor touches halfway through the day.

Eylure 3


Before:After Eylure


There were a few things I liked about Eylure compared to other brands I have tried in the past.  For staters the lashes were fairly lightweight and after about a hour of wearing, I no longer noticed them.  Next thing I loved was the applicator and glue.  Every time I have bought lashes they came with a squeeze tube of glue that was a bit of a headache for me to work with.  Eylure glue on lashes come with a twist top bottle and applicator.  This made it much easier to carry in the purse for late night touchups.

Eylure 4


Not only does Eylure carry lashes in various styles and applications, they also have some pretty interesting looking products for brows.  The carry a wide arrange of brow inks, crayons, palettes, shapers, and stencils.  I certainly want to give the stencils a try because shaping is just a pain and anything that makes that easier is a win in my book.

Eylure 1


So what do you guys think of Eylure?  I was fairly impressed.  I do think I need a little more practice but I am certainly glad to have these guys in my collection.  Be sure to check out Eylure on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow! <3

These products were provided to me as a press sample but that does not influence my review.

2 Responses to “Eylure – Cosmoprof North America”

  1. kendahl July 25, 2014 at 12:56 PM #

    Those lashes look amazing on you! Not too overwhelming or crazy, just enough volume and length to be gorgeous. I like! I’ll have to check out their shaping nail removal strips. My eyebrows aren’t horrendous but they could definitely use some work.

    • Nina July 25, 2014 at 9:03 PM #

      If I order any of the shaping ones I will let you know my results. 🙂

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