Cosmoprof North America 2016 – Day 2

1 Aug

Good afternoon!  I hope you are all having a great Monday!  I am back today to share my Day 2 finds from Cosmoprof North America.  Once again I have a ton to share, this was a really long day, so let’s dive in!

First up for the morning I swung by LVX’s booth in Discover Beauty.  I had the great pleasure of meeting with the owners and they were just simply fabulous.  They shared with me their newest all black display, which I just loved, along with their new Fall/Winter Collection.  They have decided to start combining Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer so they can start focusing on more seasonal inspired collection.  LVX is a 7 toxin free lacquer that is made here in the USA,  They offer great shades keeping up with the latest fashion trends and is quickly growing to be a must have high end lacquer.

CPNA 2016 Day 2 1 CPNA 2016 Day 2 2 CPNA 2016 Day 2 3

Next up we have a lovely new Fall Collection from Orly.  The new Mulholland Collection consists of 6 great shades that captures California’s most scenic roadways.  Along with the new collection it will be sporting the new Genius brush, a custom 600 bristle brush that is designed to hug the cuticle for clean lines.  I also had the pleasure of seeing the new Winter Collection and you guys will love it….once I can share!

CPNA 2016 Day 2 4

Now to swing by and see what Jessica Cosmetics has for us.  I again got a some sneak peeks in to collections all the way up to next summer and let me just say, WOW!!!!  The have some gorgeous colors and next summer…I’m going to need them all!  What I can share you today is a new collection from the Phenom series, The Futurist, and their new Ageless Hands Spa Treatment for home use.  All three of these lacquers are just stunning and the collagen hand care products are just divine.  I need to pick up both!

CPNA 2016 Day 2 5 CPNA 2016 Day 2 6

Next up we have Boutique!  I love this feature of Cosmprof and I have stopped by every year.  This year we were able to pick from 7 different large sample sizes from tons of great brand.  There is a requested donation of $10 with all the proceeds going to Look Good Feel Better.  I will be sharing this year’s picks in a different post.

CPNA 2016 Day 2 7CPNA 2016 Day 2 8

Another stop I had to make was by the Cosmoholic booth.  Last year I shared their amazing liquid lipstick and this year they were debuting their Show Lash mascara.  This is a fiber lash mascara that is made with Kerfibers which are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and water resistant.  If this stuff is half as good as their lipstick, then I know I will be addicted!

CPNA 2016 Day 2 9

Now for some more makeup, this time from Discover Beauty area.  We know I love a good palette and with ittse, you can build the perfect palette to cover every need.  First you pick your case and then your pick your pans.  The offer pans for eyes, brows, blush, bronzer, mattifier, highlighter, and lips.  You can choose from carefully curated collection or build your own. I love how ittse is pretty much a one stop shop.  You can build various palettes for different times a day and when you use up that one shade you love, you can replace just it without buying an entire palette.

CPNA 2016 Day 2 10 CPNA 2016 Day 2 11 CPNA 2016 Day 2 12

Now for something that really caught my eye.  I am already familiar with Daily Concepts but I have not seen the stretch wash cloth.  This is a super stretch cloth that would be great for getting those hard to reach spots.  Along with all their other amazing sponges, they now have one perfect for your little ones.  Seriously, how adorable is the Baby’s First Sponge?!  You can find Daily Concepts at Ulta and other select retailers.

CPNA 2016 Day 2 13 CPNA 2016 Day 2 14

Next stop we have Mini Mani Moo.  Now we have all seen their liquid tape but did you know they offer stamping polish, plates, nail art tools, tape, and top coats?  I am a top coat junkie so I will certainly have to try out their scented top coats, one of which is a quick dry matte!

CPNA 2016 Day 2 15 CPNA 2016 Day 2 16 CPNA 2016 Day 2 17

Okay, now I had to share these next cuties!  We all love cute bottles and most of your mainstream drug stores carry these cute bottles so while this isn’t a “direct” brand, this is something I had to share so we can all hunt for them come Halloween and Christmas.  Sorry for the blurry cat pumpkin bottle, I think I got a little too excited!

CPNA 2016 Day 2 18 CPNA 2016 Day 2 19 CPNA 2016 Day 2 20

Next up have Zoya.  We know my love for Zoya and I just had to stop by to see what they have in store for us this year, I didn’t expect to get soooooooo excited though!  The new Urban Grunge Collection, I shared the full press release this past Friday, will consists of 6 full coverage cremes and 6 metallic and holo lacquers.  The silver, purple, and green are very much like the very loved Dream so I am beyond excited.  I can’t wait to see swatches!  Along with the new Urban Grunge Collection, Zoya has expanded their lipstick line.

CPNA 2016 Day 2 21 CPNA 2016 Day 2 22 CPNA 2016 Day 2 23

This year at Cosmoprof they introduced another new section called Glamour Me.  You could choose from hair, nails, makeup, and skin care services for a small donation of $20.  These guys stayed booked the entire time and hopefully that will mean this becomes a permanent feature.  I took advantage of Glamour Me and had my hair styled by a professional with Zotos.  They did an amazing job and had my hair looking perfect for the Discover Beauty After Dark event.

CPNA 2016 Day 2 24 CPNA 2016 Day 2 25

So after a very long day of Cosmoprof, we are now headed to the Discover Beauty After Dark event.  This is a private event where you get to have some real one on one time with various brands from the Discover Beauty, Tones of Beauty, and Discover Green sections.  Discover Beauty After Dark can be a bit overwhelming but I believe I was able to chat with a few brand and learned tons.  Some of the brands I met with were Dr. Lili Fan Probiotic Skin Care, The Brush Guard, SimySkin, TULA, Bio-Bella Cosmetics, ella+mila, and Avivia Rose.  I will be sharing more from these brands individually over the next few weeks.

CPNA 2016 Day 2 26 CPNA 2016 Day 2 27 CPNA 2016 Day 2 28 CPNA 2016 Day 2 29 CPNA 2016 Day 2 30 CPNA 2016 Day 2 31 CPNA 2016 Day 2 32

So what do you guys think of Day 2?  Exhausted yet?  Today was busy but I loved every second of it.  During the Discover Beauty After Dark event I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Katie Cazorla and hearing about the new reality show she is working on, which has me super excited.  And I also loved the rose that Avivia Rose provided, it really brightened up my room for the next few days.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I will see you guys again tomorrow for my final day round up. <3

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