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20 Aug

Press Sample

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you are all having a fantastic week and a wonderful Wednesday!  Today I am super excited to be sharing the new Entice Collection from Zoya.  You guys already know I am a HUGE fan of their lacquers and the new collection is just perfect for fall.  The new Entice Collection consists of six heavily pigmented rich dark cremes.  All of these have a medium creme consistency which makes for easy application and an excellent finish.

Zoya Entice Group

First up we have Veronica.  This is a lovely full coverage wine creme.  Depending on how you apply your lacquers, you can get solid coverage in one to two coats.  In my photos I am wearing just two coats of Veronica.

Veronica 1 Veronica 2 Veronica 3

Next up is Geneviev.  This is a rich, cool toned dark grey creme with the slightest hint of shimmer.  Again this is heavily pigmented so you could get away with one to two coats.  In my photos I am wearing two coats of Geneviev. Geneviev 1 Geneviev 2 Geneviev 3

Now for one of my favorites in the collection, Ryan.  This is a heavy, rich, dark navy creme.  The coverage is amazing and the finish is perfect.  In my photos I am wearing just two coats of Ryan.

Ryan 1 Ryan 2 Ryan 3Now for the tie to my favorite, Margo.  This is a lovely pinkish plum creme.  This color just seemed perfect for fall and I certainly see getting a good bit of use.  In my photos I am wearing just two coats of Margo.

Margo 1 Margo 2 Margo 3

Next up is Nyssa.  This is a milk chocolate creme that reminds me of fresh leather and for that reason I feel it makes it perfect for fall!  In my photos I am wearing two coats of Nyssa.

Nyssa 1 Nyssa 2 Nyssa 3

Lastly today we have Claire.  This is a dark burgundy creme that has a brick like feel to it.  This was probably my least favorite color but that was a personal preference.  In my photos I am wearing two coats of Claire.

Claire 1 Claire 2 Claire 3

So what do you guys think of the new Entice Collection?  I am so ready for fall now!  Give me the football, campfires, color changing leaves, and Halloween!  Be sure to check out this lovely collection plus all of the other colors Zoya has to offer and give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I will be back tomorrow with the second half of their Fall collection, titled Ignite.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. <3

These products were provided as a press sample but that does not influence my opinions or the review.

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