Zoya Chita

4 Nov

Good afternoon everyone!  I am back today with another amazing Pixie from Zoya.  I still can’t believer how wrong I was about texture blends.  Since trying my first Pixie I have been slowly collection the rest, they are just amazing!  Today’s blend is Chita.  Chita is an amazing forest green blend with a great sparkle to it.  I used two coats in my photos but could have probably gotten away with just one.

Chita 1 Chita 2 Chita 3 Chita 4 Chita 5 Chita 6

Now as much as I love the textured, matte look I feel it is necessary to share this one with a glossy top coat.  I used two coats of Gelous to smooth this out and the results are just as gorgeous.  The dark green is richer and the sparkles are brighter.

Chita 7 Chita 8 Chita 9 Chita 10 Chita 11 Chita 12

So which is your favorite?  Me personally, I am all about the textured matte!  If you don’t own a Pixie from Zoya yet then I really do suggest picking one up.  I was amazed by how wonderful they really are.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow! <3

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