Throwback Thursday – Different Dimension Spectral Tiger

12 Sep

Good afternoon everyone!  I am really starting to enjoy these post.  It’s fun to look at post from the past year and revisit some of these beauties.  Today’s is certainly one of my favorites and have owned for almost a year now.  Last year in September Different Dimensions had some gorgeous limited blends in celebration for the new World of Warcraft expansion pack.  Being a WoW fan myself I was pretty interested in these new blends and then I saw a picture of Spectral Tiger, I immediately bought it.  This stuff is wonderful!

Spectral Tiger is a clear base with tiny holographic silver glitter, large white glitters, and blue iridescent glitters.  The formula is wonderful and the glitter just flows perfectly on the nail.  I used just one coat of Spectral Tiger over top China Glaze For Audrey and one coat of Gelous to smooth it out. Now what made this stuff a must for me was the aqua glow in the dark pigment.  So ever wonder how well the glow in the dark stuff holds up….. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Spectral Tiger 1 Spectral Tiger 2 Spectral Tiger 3 Spectral Tiger 4 Spectral Tiger 5 Spectral Tiger 6

So what do you guys think of Spectral Tiger?  I love the glow in the dark aspect!  If you are wondering how long the glows last…. hours!  I got up in the middle of the night last night to stumbled across the house in the dark to get something to drink and this stuff was still glowing!  Unfortunately this blend is no longer available and she didn’t sell many so it’s tough to find but she does have many other amazing blends, including glow in the dark.  Please take a moment and check out Different Dimensions and be sure to give her some Model City love.  Thank you for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you again real soon! <3

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