Scent bird January 2016

8 Feb

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you are all having a great Monday!  Today I have my latest Scentbird box to share with you guys.  If you haven’t heard of Scentbird yet, then you are missing out.  This is hands down been my favorite sub box yet.  Each month you get designer perfume shipped to your door and the best part, the endless collection of designer scents to hand select for your month.  I have already planned out my scents for 2016.

This month I got DKNY DKNY MYNY.  Now if I had smelled this perfume in store I probably would not have purchased.  At first spray it seemed a little too strong and floral for my taste but as the scent calms down, I fall in love.  Another thing I wanted to mention is starting the month of January your perfume samples will be shipped in these handy cardboard tubes which is great for protecting your scents in transit but also a great way to organize your scents between use.  I am up to three of the amazing Scentbird cases but I still have left over perfumes in glass tubes.  Now I can label them and store them safely in these handy cardboard tubes.

Scentbird Jan 2016 1 Scentbird Jan 2016 2

So have you checked out Scentbird yet?  How can you go wrong with a build your own perfume subscription?!  If you are new to Scentbird you can take advantage of an awesome promo through my referral link, get your first month free and includes the super handy Scentbird case.  If you don’t love, cancel and you owe nothing…..but I don’t see you canceling.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I will see you all again tomorrow.


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