New Model City Blends for Saturday

9 Aug

Hello everyone!  Tonight I have two new blends from my own line to share with you guys.  Both of these I created while laid in bed after my wisdom teeth extractions and invoke happy feelings.  First is Strawberry Kisses.  This one is a bright pink creamy base with tiny red and pink glitters.  My photos are shown with three coats and a top coat of Gelous.  This blend was inspired by the strawberry cakes my mom use to make for my birthday.  Strawberry all the way!  Strawberry cake with strawberry icing and topped with fresh sliced strawberries is a weakness and immediately makes me smile!

Strawberry Kisses 1 Strawberry Kisses 2 Strawberry Kisses 3 Strawberry Kisses 4 Strawberry Kisses 5 Strawberry Kisses 6

Next is Storm’s A Brewin’.  This one is inspired by those cloudless hot summer days and the storm’s forming in the distance.  It’s such a beautiful site and the smell of the coming rain is soothing.  Storm’s A Brewin’ is a bright blue creamy base with two different sizes of gray matte hexes.  In my photos I again used three coats and followed with a coat of Gelous.

Storm's A Brewin' 1 Storm's A Brewin' 2 Storm's A Brewin' 3 Storm's A Brewin' 4 Storm's A Brewin' 5 Storm's A Brewin' 6

I hope you guys enjoy my new blends.  These will be released around 3:00 PM CST on Saturday, 08/10/13.  Along with these two new blends I will also be putting up a few pieces from my polish jewelry that I have been working on and some new cuticle oil.  The cuticle oil is a blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil enriched with vitamins A, C, D, & E, and fragrance oils and will be offered first in my Dark Chocolate Cake, Buttercream, Cotton Candy, and Apple scent.  The oils are different consistences so some separation will occur but a quick little shake will mix the products well and release the amazing smell.  I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow and thank you all for your wonderful support. <3

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