Nailgasm Snow Flurious

9 Dec

Good morning everyone! I just had to share one of my new blends this morning from Nailgasm.  I reviewed some of her polish and I loved it, so I had to have some more.  If you remember in my review I didn’t care to much for the bottle, it was a bit cumbersome to use.  At the time she was working on getting new bottles and they are absolutely fabulous.  Today’s blend is a great wintery blend that is low key enough that you could wear anywhere.


Snow Flurious is a super light blue base filled with various teal blue glitters and larger white glitter.  There was a bit of settling but I just gave the bottle a good roll a few minutes before using and got plenty of coverage when applies.  The only downside is I didn’t get any of the white glitter, maybe next time a little more rolling.  Application was great, dry times reasonable, and took three coats to get total opaqueness.  All in all I was once again pleased with her polish.  Now for some lovely pics.
Snow Flurious
Close up of Snow Flurious
Such a lovely color!
Three coats and a super smooth finish.
This kinda reminds me of candy. Yummy!
So there you go, another lovely blend from a very promising shop.  Now don’t forget to enter the current giveaway for your chance to win one of three awesome prize packs and I will be back later today showing off another great Etsy shop for today’s feature.  Thanks for stopping by!

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