Lynnderella Sapphire Starfire

7 Dec

Good evening everyone!  I hope you are all doing great on this chilly Saturday night!  I am going to share an equally chilling manicure with you guys!  When Lynnderella revealed her Birthday Gemstone Collection I knew I had to have Sapphire Starfire!  This was going to also be my first Lynnderella.

Sapphire Starfire is a blue tinted base packed with various sizes and shapes of blue glitter.  I used Julep Gunta as my base.  All in all, I’m not as impressed as I had hoped.  The blend was really chunky, a bit of a pain to apply normally, and dabbing just left piles of glitter.  I had tried matching different bases before deciding on the Julep and none had that look I was going for.  I think it is an okay blend but I think the “Lynnderella” hype had me expecting more.  In my photos I am wearing just one coat of Sapphire Starfire and a coat of Gelous.  I had to use my thumb for the macro because the normal finger was just too chunky to get a nice photo.

Sapphire Starfire 1 Sapphire Starfire 2 Sapphire Starfire 3 Sapphire Starfire 4 Sapphire Starfire 5

So what is your favorite Lynnderella?  I was 100% with Sapphire Starfire but it was pretty.  I am certainly going to give Lynnderella another shot, just need to find that perfect blend.  Be sure to enter our Giveaway via the tab up top before you leave tonight!  Thank you so much for stopping by tonight and I look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow! <3

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