Kleancolor Neon Sapphire and Icing Starlight

11 Aug

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope all has been well with you guys!  Today’s post is inspired by the current meteor shower, Perseid, lighting the night sky.  Every year right around my husband and I’s anniversary the meteor shower takes place and certainly doesn’t disappoint.  I look forward to going outside late at night during the peaceful hours and staring into space.

First I am going to share Neon Sapphire from Kleancolor.  This one is a super rich, dark blue color that is a breeze to work with. I used two generous coats in my photos and no top coat.

Neon Sapphire 1 Neon Sapphire 2 Neon Sapphire 3 Neon Sapphire 4 Neon Sapphire 5

Now to add the stars.  I love Starlight by Icing.  Starlight is a blue jelly base packed with two different sizes of silver holographic glitter.  The blue jelly gives more of a blue sparkle that is gorgeous and pairs beautifully with any blues.  In my photos I use just one coat and then I followed up with a coat of Gelous to give it a good glossy finish.

Starlight 1 Starlight 2 Starlight 3 Starlight 4 Starlight 5 Starlight 6

What a lovely combo, don’t you think?  Thank you so much for stopping by today and if you get a chance, go out tonight and look up.  You never know what you might see. <3

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