Julep Annette and Polish Revolution The Nightman Cometh

4 Nov

Good evening everyone!  I would love for you all to give my awesome sister a big, warm welcome!  She is going to be joining the MCP blog and sharing some awesome lacquers and other great geeky things along the way! <3

So, uh, hi?  I am Ashley and it looks as though I will be doing a few posts here and there for my awesome sister, Nina.  She suggested I should give a little introduction for everyone.  Which to be honest is a little nerve wracking since not only am I not the best public speaker but I have never blogged in any capacity, but here goes nothing.  I live in Washington State with my main squeeze, Paul, who is currently in the Air Force.  We have somehow managed to raise an awesome 6 (almost 7) year old son, Gavin.  To complete our awesome household, we have a dog, Mae, and a guinea pig, Manbearpig.  Nina helped create my love of polish back when she opened her shop and besides pretty fingertips I love reading, music, gaming, and The Office.  Prepare yourself for Office quotes cause they will most likely happen.  My best friend says I am Michael Scott and Phyllis combined so I think that pretty much sums me up…maybe?  Sure.  Done. <3

Now to the good part. It was a bit tough deciding what mani I wanted to be in my first post but I ended up choosing one I really love.  But now that I think about it, it looks an awful lot like a mani Nina did the other day…eh, oh well.  Also, since I’m new to this I may or may not have forgotten to take pictures of my base color. Hint: I forgot. <3

For my base color I used Julep Annette and it is described as a light dove grey creme.  This is accurate enough though I think it’s lighter and less grey than I had expected.  It’s a little watery/runny so I have to make sure there isn’t a lot on the brush or else it pools like no other.  It’s very pigmented so I only used one thicker coat. <3

As my top coat I used one coat of The Nightman Cometh from the Polish Revolution and Happy Hands ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ collaboration collection.  Always Sunny is one of my favorite shows so I got the collection as soon as it was released and I am so stinkin’ glad I did.  Application is easy and the formula is really nice.  It’s got a clear base with black, gold, green, and white various size glitters.  I finished my mani with a good coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat. <3

Julep and Polish Revolution 1 Julep and Polish Revolution 2 Julep and Polish Revolution 3 Julep and Polish Revolution 4
Welp that’s it for my first Model City Blog post.  What do you guys think of my color combo?  Be sure to check out all that Julep and Polish Revolution have to offer.  Hope y’all enjoyed it and have an awesome week!  Ashley <3

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