It’s All About Love

9 Jul

Good morning everyone!  I wanted to start the day off with a whole bunch of love!  I have paired two great love blends to share with you guys today.  First up is China Glaze Love’s A Beach.  This one is a wonderfully, bright pink pearly blend that is amazing in just two coats.  I had no issues what so ever with this polish, it was perfect.

Love's A Beach 1 Love's A Beach 2 Love's A Beach 3 Love's A Beach 4 Love's A Beach 5 Love's A Beach 6

Now to top this with a little more love.  Back at Valentine’s Day Kunimitsu was offering a special blend to send to people anonymously as a Valentine’s gift.  I received one of these blends and still to this day do not know who sent it but I cherish it dearly and still have the card it came with.  You Are Loved is a clear base packed with red, pink, and gold glitter. It is then topped off with purple and red hearts.  You have to fish for the hearts but I think it is mostly because it is a mini.  That being said I still really enjoy the polish.  I generally just put on a coat like normal and then do some stirring afterwards to pick up some extra hearts and place dab them on to my nails.  The photos below are some one coat with heart placement and then a coat of Gelous.

You Are Loved 1 You Are Loved 2 You Are Loved 3 You Are Loved 4 You Are Loved 5

I hope you have enjoyed my love inspired nails today!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember those you love! <3

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