Hare Rococo Grandeur

10 Jul

Good afternoon everyone! I hope all has been well with you guys!  It’s hump day and  I’m looking forward to a hopefully clear weekend.  I am about sick of this dreary, rainy weather!  Today I am going to share a lovely soothing blend perfect for these indoor days.  This is my first Hare polish and I have to say I’m pretty happy with my choice.  I picked up Rococo Grandeur a few weeks back and was a little surprise by the color when it finally showed up.  It’s described as a baby blue base but I’m calling it blue gray and it’s just fine that way too.  It is PACKED with pink and gold glitter in various size and shapes and works great with the base color.  Such a soft  blend!  The glitter does make the polish a little thick but nothing too weird.  I was able to get great opacity in three coats and then used my Gelous to smooth out the lumps.

Rococo Grandeur 1 Rococo Grandeur 2 Rococo Grandeur 3 Rococo Grandeur 4

Rococo Grandeur 5

Rococo Grandeur 6

What do you guys think?  Pretty, isn’t it?!  I am certainly happy with my first Hare polish and look forward to picking up more once my dreaded three month no buy is over, eek!  Thanks a ton for stopping by today and I hope you guys all have a wonderful evening! <3

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