Finger Paints Mermaid Collection

26 Jul

Happy Saturday everyone!  I am going to take a break from the Cosmoprof finds to share some prize winnings that I received from Finger Paints.  Before I left for Vegas Finger Paints held another Facebook contests that I had entered and ended up winning a free set of their Mermaid Collection.  The photo they had shared had me super excited for this collection.  When I returned home my prize was sitting on the counter and I just stared at their beauty.  Then time came for swatching…… oh what did I get in to?  The Mermaid Collection consists of 4 gorgeous mermaid inspired shades and texturized to give a scaly finish.  To get the scaly finish Finger Paints appears to have mixed in chunky clear hexes.  All I can say is the idea was a fantastic one but the end result….. well the pictures speak for themselves.

First up we have Sea Temptress.  This is a gorgeous pearly white blend with a hint of green shimmer and then filled with hexes.  The color I love but the finish is terrible.  In my photos I am wearing three coats of Sea Temptress.

Sea Temptress 1 Sea Temptress 2 Sea Temptress 3 Sea Temptress 4 Sea Temptress 5Sea Temptress 6


Next up is Tails of Love.  This is a beautiful teal blue shade with again the dreaded clear hexes for texture.  I love the color but hate this finish.  It’s lumpy and just not pretty.  In my photos I am wearing just two coats of Tails of Love.

Tails of Love 1 Tails of Love 2 Tails of Love 3 Tails of Love 4 Tails of Love 5 Tails of Love 6


Now for Sailor’s Lure.  This one is a stunning purple blue shade with more texture.  Again, no love for the texture.  In my photos I am wearing two coats of Sailor’s Lure.

Sailor's Lure 1 Sailor's Lure 2 Sailor's Lure 3 Sailor's Lure 4 Sailor's Lure 5 Sailor's Lure 6



Lastly we have Underwater Enchantress.  This is a super pretty forest green metallic shade with more of that hex texture.  I bet you can guess my feelings on this one…. In my photos I am wearing two coats of Underwater Enchantress.

Underwater Enchantress 1 Underwater Enchantress 2 Underwater Enchantress 3 Underwater Enchantress 4 Underwater Enchantress 5 Underwater Enchantress 6


So what do you guys think of the Mermaid Collection?  Have you tried them yet?  While I certainly don’t see wearing these on their own, they may work for some under the sea nail art.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you guys again tomorrow with more of my Cosmoprof finds. <3

4 Responses to “Finger Paints Mermaid Collection”

  1. kendahl July 28, 2014 at 12:44 PM #

    The colors are fantastic, but that texture is terrible! It looks like the polish is 10 years old and you tried to put it on without thinning it. Blech.

    • Nina July 31, 2014 at 3:48 PM #

      It really is unfortunate. I was so excited about the colors but the finish and application crushed me!

  2. Amanda Kiser March 2, 2015 at 7:37 AM #

    I picked up the sailor’s lure on sale the other day and should have tested it first, omg. It was so bad I searched online to see if anyone else felt like their nails had a case of shingles and came across this. This is horrible. Fail! !

    • Nina March 2, 2015 at 10:25 AM #

      I totally agree! While it was a great idea on paper, the execution leaves little to be desire. I do still think the could be cute for nail art accents but on their own….NO!!!! lol!

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