essie Bikini So Teeny and Stroke of Brilliance

6 Jul

Hello everyone!  Today is another crummy, rainy day that I am more than happy to be spending inside.  I am beginning to wonder if it’s ever going to stop…. I have holos to take pics of!  To brighten the day and get my summer swim fix I have combined two lovely essie’s for you guys.  The two almost seem made for each other!  First is essie Bikini so Teeny.  This had been a long time wish list polish and I really had no idea how pretty it was.  All of the pics I had ever seen made it out to be a cream polish but it’s not!  There are these cute, tiny little purple/blue iridescent shards that my macro lens was able to pick up to show you guys.  The blend itself is not to bad, a little runny for me but workable.  My pics are shown with three coats and no top coat.

Bikini So Teeny 1 Bikini So Teeny 2 Bikini So Teeny 3 Bikini So Teeny 4 Bikini So Teeny 5 Bikini So Teeny 6

Now for it’s prefect mate, Stroke of Brilliance.  I love this top coat!  It’s glittery but not overpowering.  Stroke of Brilliance is made up of various sizes of dark purple glitters suspended it a clear base.  This one was a breeze to work with and I only needed one coat with a little dabbing to get the perfect finish.  I then followed up with a coat of my Seche Vite to give a wet, glossy look.

Stroke of Brilliance 1 Stroke of Brilliance 2 Stroke of Brilliance 3 Stroke of Brilliance 4 Stroke of Brilliance 5 Stroke of Brilliance 6

So what do you guys think of this combo?  I hope you guys are having better weather than I am and if so………. please do a cannonball for me!  Thanks a ton for stopping by today and please drop me a comment to let me know someone is out there!  Have a great day everyone! <3

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