Emerald & Ash Road Trip Collection Part 2

8 Sep

Good afternoon everyone!  I am back today with the second part of the awesome Road Trip Collection from Emerald & Ash.  First up is Are We There Yet?, a lovely textured street sign green.  This one was one of my favorites from the collection.  The green is such a wonderful, bright color with fantastic reflective properties.  I used just three coats in my photos and no top coat.

Are We There Yet? 1 Are We There Yet? 2 Are We There Yet? 3 Are We There Yet? 4 Are We There Yet? 5 Are We There Yet? 6

Next up and not surprising my favorite, Stretch Your Legs.  This stuff is crazy bright!  I mean really, really bright and I love it!  The texture is wonderful and look forward to trying it out at a later date with a top coat.  My photos are three coats with no topper.

Stretch Your Legs 1 Stretch Your Legs 2 Stretch Your Legs 3 Stretch Your Legs 4 Stretch Your Legs 5 Stretch Your Legs 6

And lastly from the collection, Bike Lane.  This is a wonderful black textured blend that certainly looks just like a freshly paved road.  I really love the look of this one!  Again just three coats for my photos.

Bike Lane 1 Bike Lane 2 Bike Lane 3 Bike Lane 4 Bike Lane 5 Bike Lane 6

So what do you guys think of the Road Trip Collection?  I think it is a great set and each color looks exactly like what they are trying to represent.  Please check out this collection and some of the other great blends from Emerald & Ash and give them a big like over on Facebook.  Today is Ashley’s birthday so give her a little extra love today!   Thank you guys so much for stopping by today and I will see you guys again tomorrow! <3

These were sent to me for review purposes and does not change my opinions.

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