Emerald & Ash Road Trip Collection Part 1

7 Sep

Good afternoon!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday!  The weather is absolutely gorgeous here and I am loving every minute!  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and there is nothing better than rolling the windows down and going for a drive.  The crisp air and the cool breeze is wonderful!  This leads me right into this weekends feature, Road Trip Collection by Emerald & Ash.  This new collection consists of 7 lovely, bright textured blends that are sure to please anyone.

First up is Five Over.  Inspired by those awful speed limit signs that always seem to be too slow!  This one is an amazingly bright white with a great reflective texture.  In my photos I used three coats and no top coat.  Five Over 1 Five Over 2 Five Over 3 Five Over 4 Five Over 5 Five Over 6

Now for California Stop.  This one you certainly will want to come to a full stop and check out.  California Stop is a great bright red and again packed with that lovely reflective beads that causes a great texture.  Photos are shown three coats.

California Stop 1 California Stop 2 California Stop 3 California Stop 4 California Stop 5 California Stop 6

Next up is Construction Season.  Unlike the signs this blend is inspired by, you will love it.  This is a amazingly bright safety orange color with the same reflective texture.  I had a really tough time capturing this crazy bright color.  Photos are shown with three coats.

Construction Season 1

Construction Season 2 Construction Season 3 Construction Season 4 Construction Season 5 Construction Season 6

Last for today, Bump.  This one is a fun bright yellow that is going to catch anyone’s eye.  Photos are shown with three coats.

Bump 1 Bump 2 Bump 3 Bump 4 Bump 5 Bump 6

So what do you think of the first four from the Road Trip Collection?  I am loving the texture and the added reflective beads are a wonderful touch.  I can’t wait to share the next three tomorrow.  Until then be sure to check out Emerald & Ash’s shop and go give them some love on Facebook.  Until tomorrow, have a great evening! <3

These were sent to me for photo and review purposes but does not change my opinions.

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