Emerald & Ash Helix Nebula

4 Jun

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I have another super spacey set of nails to share with you guys using some Emerald & Ash.  While I was working on swatching and photographing this polish I even took a break to go outside and watch the international space station pass overhead.  A few weeks ago I shared one of my first purchases from Emerald & Ash, Deep Fields, and I fell in love with that polish.  Well she has managed to create yet another lovely polish to represent the great space beyond.  Helix Nebula is a dark plum purple polish with these beautiful tiny purple iridescent glitter and various sizes of holo graphic hexes.  This polish is a little thick but easy to work with and the end results are wonderful.  In all of my photos I used three coats of Helix Nebula followed up with Gelous.


Helix Nebula 1 Helix Nebula 2 Helix Nebula 3 Helix Nebula 4 Helix Nebula 5

So what do you guys think of the new Emerald & Ash?  If you like what you see please check out the shop and give them a follow on Facebook for up to date info.  Before I leave tonight I want to remind you to checkout the Giveaway link for a chance to win an exclusive blend just for my one year anniversary. Thank you guys so much for stopping by late this evening and I look forward to seeing you guys again real soon!

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