Digital Nails Faraday-Glo and Real-Life Scientist

22 Aug

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Good afternoon everyone!  Today I have some lovely new blends from Digital Nails to share with you guys.  At the end of July they released a lovely collection called Scientist Puns and I was in love.  The collection was stunning and the names were just too perfect.  When Ralph asked if I wanted to review a few I squealed with joy and as soon as they arrived I started playing.  Today and tomorrow I will be sharing 4 beautiful, geek inspired blends that you guys are sure to love.

First up is Faraday-Glo, inspired by Michael Faraday who discovered electromagnetic induction.  This is a lovely, electrifying coral crelly with blue and pink flakes swimming about.  This blend was a little thicker than the others I tried out but totally workable and really just a personal preference.  Even with the flakes the polish had a very clean finish so I skipped the top coat.  In my photos I am wearing three coats of Faraday-Glo.

Faraday-Glo 1 Faraday-Glo 2 Faraday-Glo 3 Faraday-Glo 4 Faraday-Glo 5


Next up is Real-Life Mad Scientist, inspired by Nikola Tesla.  This is a gorgeous light blurple to dark blurple themal that is filled with green, purple, and silver flecks and glows stunning blue in the dark.  Application was flawless and again had a great finish so I skipped the top coat.  In my photos I am wearing three coats of Real-Life Mad Scientist. Real-Life Mad Scientist 1 Real-Life Mad Scientist 2 Real-Life Mad Scientist 3 Real-Life Mad Scientist 4 Real-Life Mad Scientist 5 Real-Life Mad Scientist 6 Real-Life Mad Scientist 7 Real-Life Mad Scientist 8 Real-Life Mad Scientist 9

So what do you guys think of these scientist inspired blends?  All I can say is love!  They are fun, unique, and the finishes are perfect.  Digital Nails is on vacation at the moment but they will be reopening tomorrow so get ready!  In the meantime, give them a follow on Facebook for up to date stock info and release dates.  Remember I will be back tomorrow with two more beauties and until then I hope you all have a fabulous evening. <3

These products were sent to me for review purposes but that does not influence my review.

2 Responses to “Digital Nails Faraday-Glo and Real-Life Scientist”

  1. kendahl August 25, 2014 at 11:41 AM #

    I love this whole entire line of hers. I got Real Life Mad Scientist because maybe I’m a bit obsessed with Tesla but it’s such a rad color! It’s got thermal, flakies, AND glow. It’s amazing.

    • Nina August 26, 2014 at 11:58 AM #

      Tons of goodness all in one bottle is a big win for me. 🙂

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