Cosmoprof North America 2014 Round Up

21 Jul

Good afternoon everyone!  I am super excited to start sharing my Cosmoprof North America finds!  Today we are going to hit a few highlights from the event and then over then next few days/weeks we will visit many brands one on one that I already love or are new to me.  This was my first year and I was some what overwhelmed by all of the amazing products and people that I met.

First we are going to start with the amazing tile banner that greeted attendees this year.  Isn’t this just stunning!  What this picture doesn’t show well is how huge it was.

Cosmoprof 1


Next up is one of my favorite displays.  This one spoke to my teenage years and I just fell in love, plus who can deny a neon red sheep?  This display was to promote the new company Unwash, “a new method to clean hair in a more civilized way, gently removing dirt and surface build up while locking in essential moisture and upholding your hair’s natural integrity.”

Cosmoprof 2



The Pedi Princess booth certainly caught my eye with their amazing pedi flip flops.  Who else hates the pedi walk when you are wearing those awkward foam separators?  Well our prayers have been answered with a stylish and comfortable solution that is sure to stop the waddle.  These run between $12 and $19, and has tons of color combos.  I will most likely be picking up a pair in the very near future.

Cosmoprof 3


Color Club had the most summery, bright display on the floor.  They had all of their neons on display with a bright white backdrop and no shortage of neon blues.

Cosmoprof 4


Now Amika had the one display that I would have loved to transport to my living room.  Clean and modern design that complements their wonderful products.  I have been using the Nourishing Mask for sometime now and absolutely love it.

Cosmoprof 6


Another hair care brand I love is Macadamia Natural Oil so you know I had to swing by their booth.  They were quiet busy but I was able to snap a pic of their new packaging that is just stunning.  My favorite product from them is the Healing Oil Treatment.  Even though I have thin hair the Alabama humidity gives me some crazy frizz.  The Healing Oil keeps those strands under control with out weighing down my thin hair.

Cosmoprof 7


Another display I would have gladly brought home was the cosmetic display by the Balm.  I have come to realize overtime most of my everyday used products is from this company.  Some of my favorites are the Nude’tude eyeshadow palette, Hot Mama blush, and the Stantastic lip stain.

Cosmoprof 8Lastly we have Fiji Loves.  Now I have never tried their hair products but I will say it smells amazing and is now on my try list.  Everyone was super friendly and they were quick to jump on photo ops.

Cosmoprof 10


Again these are just a few of the stops I made while at Cosmoprof North America.  I can’t wait to share more in-depth reviews of brands ranging from skin care, polish, and fun cosmetics.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow! <3

I attended as a member of the press. All opinions are of my own and not influenced in anyway.


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  1. kendahl July 21, 2014 at 4:46 PM #

    Oh, look at all of the amazing Color Clubs! So bright! I’ve never even heard of The Balm. I need to get more with it when it comes to makeup.

    • Nina July 25, 2014 at 9:08 PM #

      I wanted to take all of the Color Clubs home! <3

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