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Zoya Ryan and Icing Epic Winning

18 Jan

Epic Winning 1

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you are all having a beautiful day!  Today I have a lovely blend to share that I received from a dear friend of mine.  She knows my love for blue, holo, and glitter and some how managed to fine a stunning blend with all of these fantastic elements. I started […]

Throwback Thursday – Ombre Nails

5 Sep

Holo Ombre 1

Good afternoon everyone!  Today is a gorgeous day and just perfect for today’s mani.  Last year I did my first ombre and of course it was blue.  I had shared it at that time with just a plain top coat and a matte top coat so when I got a holo top coat from Above […]

August Month End Favorites

1 Sep

Month end favorites

Hello everyone!  It’s that time again, month end favorites!  This month we covered all the way from cheap drug store polish to hot indies and it was tough to pick just four.   The four I did pick all stood out to me in a big way and were the cream of the crop. First […]

Kleancolor Neon Sapphire and Icing Starlight

11 Aug

Starlight 1

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope all has been well with you guys!  Today’s post is inspired by the current meteor shower, Perseid, lighting the night sky.  Every year right around my husband and I’s anniversary the meteor shower takes place and certainly doesn’t disappoint.  I look forward to going outside late at night during the […]

Icing J’adore and Model City Baby, It’s Cold Outside

28 Jul

A'dore & Baby, It's Cold Outside 1

Good afternoon everyone!  Sweating Tuesday’s surgery so I needed a little cooling and decided to share one of my favorite creations and combos.  Icing’s J’adore is one of my favorite baby gray blues out there and I certainly do not look forward to the day that I run out.  It has thickened a little overtime […]

My First Set of Holiday Nails and Giveaway from Joby

1 Dec

Hello everyone!  Well today is officially the start to the most awesome month of the year!  It’s Christmas time and that means tons of holiday inspire manis.  Today I am going to share a set of nails that I did to celebrate this wonderful month.  I love snowmen so I figured that would be the […]

Go Pink on Wednesday

17 Oct

Hello everyone!  Hope you have all been well.  Today I have another set of awesome pink nails for you guys.  I was never a big pink color fan but a few months back I received Julep Lauren in one of my Maven boxes and fell in love.  This pink is like no other pink I […]

52 Week Challenge: Week 4 Gradient or Ombre

7 Oct

Hello everyone!  Hope you guys are having an amazing day!  Today I have my Week 4 challenge, gradient or ombre.  I have never personally done an ombre pattern where each nail is a different color, so I picked this option for my challenge.  The obvious color choice was blue and it turned out awesome. It […]

Icing J’adore and NYC Matte Me Crazy

6 Aug

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I have one that I have owned for a few months and one I purchased this week.  Also I am going to give a try to hand placing glitter tonight.  Love to know your thoughts on this one. First up is the oldie, Icing’s J’adore.  This is such a pretty baby […]

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