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Superchic Lacquer Grunge Glam Part 2

15 Jun

Duchess of Dingeberry 1

Good evening everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday and enjoyed some beautiful weather!  I am back this evening with the last two blends from the Grunge Glam Collection by Superchic Lacquers.  First up is the Duchess of Dingebury.  This is a lovely matte black base packed with blue and silver glitter.  The […]

Superchic Lacquer Grunge Glam Part 1

14 Jun

Wretched Wench 1

Hello everyone!  I hope all has been well with you!  I am back today to share some more lovely polish from Superchic Lacquer.  Over the next two days I will be sharing tons of pic from one of her new collection, the Grunge Glam.  All of the blends in the Grunge Collection are matte black […]

Superchic Lacquer Spackle Colleciton

9 Jun

Party Popper 1

Good afternoon everyone!  Today I have an amazing new collection to share with you from Superchic Lacquer, the Spackle Collection.  This collection is inspire by fun things that pop, burst, and explode!  Right now these are planned for release on the 15th and trust me when I say you  don’t want to miss out on […]

Superchic Lacquer Nude French Lingerie Collection

7 Jun

Bodacious Babydoll 1

Good evening everyone!  I have got a wonderful late night collection to share with you guys tonight! I will be sharing tons of pics from the hot new Superchic Lacquers Nude French Lingerie Collection.  This collection consist of some super pale nude tinted blends that work great for adding some extra flair to a boring french […]

Superchic Lacquer’s The Client List

6 Jun

The Rub 1

Good afternoon everyone!  Today I have TONS of pics to share with you guys so get something tasty to drink and kick back.  It you follow me on Facebook then you saw last week I got a huge care package from the awesome shop Superchic Lacquers.  I have been a huge supporter since September of […]

Emerald & Ash Helix Nebula

4 Jun

Helix Nebula 1

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I have another super spacey set of nails to share with you guys using some Emerald & Ash.  While I was working on swatching and photographing this polish I even took a break to go outside and watch the international space station pass overhead.  A few weeks ago I shared one […]

Fantasy Nail Lacquer Cosmic Grapes

2 Jun

Cosmic Grapes 1

Good morning everyone!  I have been super busy with the shop and just want to give a big thank you to all who made my one year celebration/release an amazing event!  You are simply wonderful and I greatly appreciate it!  Now for some more polish from the hot new indie, Fantasy Nail Lacquer.  Today I […]

Model City Polish Celebration

30 May


Good evening everyone!  I am up super late tonight to start the celebration early!  One year ago today I opened Model City Polish on Etsy as a fun way to create unique polish and share with other lovely lacqueristas.  In the past year MCP has grown more than I could have ever expected and I […]

Fantasy Nail Lacquer Majestic

25 May

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello everyone!  I have you are all having a wonderful, beautiful weekend!  It is getting close to my one year shop anniversary! Eeeek! I’m so excited!  I am taking a break from the packaging today to bring you another lovely lacquer from Fantasy Nail Lacquer. Majestic is a lovely bright […]

Fantasy Nail Lacquer Merryweather

20 May

Hello everyone!  I hope all has been well!  I have been super busy getting ready for the big one year celebration of Model City so I apologize for not being around too much.  Tonight I am back again with another amazing blend from Fantasy Nail Lacquer.  If you are blue lover like me I would […]

Fantasy Nail Lacquer Rainbow Rocket and Mercury Bubblegum

7 May


Good evening everyone! I am back tonight with some more lovely lacquers from Fantasy Nail Lacquers.  The two tonight are from their Neon Collection and are perfect for the upcoming summer months and a glitter issue ends up being perfect! First I would like to share Mercury Bubblegum.  This one is a super bright pink […]

Fantasy Nail Lacquer Magic and Mystique

6 May

Magic 1

Hello everyone!  I hope all has been well with you!  I have been super busy getting things ready for the big one year celebration for Model City Polish so I apologize for not updating more.  I have tons of stuff photographed just need to sit down to crop photos.  Either way I am back today […]

Superchic Lacquer Inked Dolls "Free Spirit"

11 Apr


Hello everyone!  I hope all is well.  It has been a crazy work week and it is almost over!  Today I have one of the new Inked Dolls series from Superchic Lacquers.  I picked this one up during her amazing $1 special (see I tell you to follow these guys on Facebook).  I love this […]

Superchic Lacquer Euphoria

4 Mar

Euphoria 1

Good afternoon!  As promised I am back today with another amazing polish from Superchic Lacquer.  I received Euphoria at the same time as Rive Gauche and this one hands down if my favorite which is odd because I always pick blue. You will see in the pics how truly beautiful this polish is. Euphoria is […]

Superchic Lacquer Rive Gauche

3 Mar

Rive Gauche 1

Good afternoon everyone! Long time no see!  Talk about some crazy times recently.  I had planned on starting March off last week but I have both plumbing and heating issues all in one week.  I had to up my work load to cover these crazy extra costs.  I am back now though and have some […]

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