August Month End Favorites

1 Sep

Hello everyone!  It’s that time again, month end favorites!  This month we covered all the way from cheap drug store polish to hot indies and it was tough to pick just four.   The four I did pick all stood out to me in a big way and were the cream of the crop.

Month end favorites

First up with have ,Chyna from Zoya.  This was my first textured polish and I truly fell in love with it.  The formula was spot on the and the chunky glitter was perfect!  I also loved the versatility.  You have one great look all on its own but add a high gloss top coat and you have a completely different look.

Chyna 1

Now for some cheaper polish.  I loved the combo created with Icing’s Starlight and Kleancolor’s Neon Sapphire.  The two were made for each other and created the most beautiful space inspired mani.

Starlight 1

Now for some indies.  I absolutely love Lady Liberty from Laquerlicious!  This polish was one of my lemming from them and it certainly didn’t disappoint!  Application was wonderful and the glitter looked beautiful against the minty backdrop!

Lady Liberty 1

And lastly would be Above the Curve’s Neon Green.  I have had an on going love, hate relationship with neons.  Finding a good neon that required no base color (like white) and covers to the point there is no nail lines is tough.  Thanks to Above the Curve my prayers have been answered.  I reviewed two of these yesterday and the others will be later today but I will say this now, they are all amazing!  The coverage is great and colors are amazing!  I am so happy to finally find some neons that are trouble free!

Neon Green 1

So what do you guys think of the four I picked?  Are there any that just stood out to you?  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you this afternoon!  I will have some more lovely neons for you guys! >3

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