Above the Curve The Fifth Element Set

3 Oct

Good evening everyone!  I am back tonight with some more wonderful blends from Above the Curve.  Tonight’s set is inspired by the movie The Fifth Element and is a wonderful trio of holographic blends.  I could have paired these with a regular old black creme finish base but I wanted something a little more fall inspired so I used some lovely corresponding bases.

First up is Diva P.  This blend is a clear base with holographic pigment and blue – green fleck simmer.  I place one coat over top Julep Olivia.

Diva P. 1 Diva P. 2 Diva P. 3 Diva P. 4

Next up is the much loved LeeLoo.  This one is a strong holographic with pink, gold, blue and fuchsia fleck shimmer in a slightly tinted pink base.  The pink base only seemed to cause a pearly look but did not change the base color.  I loved the color shifting flecks in this one.   I used one coat of this over top Julep Keira.LeeLoo 1 LeeLoo 2 LeeLoo 3 LeeLoo 4

Lastly and my favorite out of the set, Ruby Rhod.  This one is again a clear base with a holographic finish and blue – pink/purple fleck shimmer.  I placed one coat of Ruby Rhod over top Julep Eloise. Ruby Rhod 1 Ruby Rhod 2 Ruby Rhod 3 Ruby Rhod 4

So what do you guys think of these lovely trio set?  While they may look similar, they are each different and add a unique look.  You can pick up this set at an amazing price of $20!  So don’t hesitate and head on over to Above the Curve and while you are there be sure to check out some of their other great lacquers.  Thank you so much for stopping by tonight and I look forward to seeing you guys again tomorrow! <3

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