Above the Curve Neon Collection Part 2

1 Sep

Good evening everyone!  I am back again tonight to share some more lovely neons from the amazing Above the Curve.  Amazing is strong words and I mean it 100%!  I love neons but never can find the right formula.  Every single one of these from the neon collection are perfect!

First up tonight is Neon Yellow.  Yellows seem to be the hardest ones to get solid coverage and work with my skin tone but this one is spot on.  I used three coats and as you can see… NO NAIL LINE!  The added blue/green flakes are a wonderful addition!

Neon Yellow 1 Neon Yellow 2 Neon Yellow 3 Neon Yellow 4 Neon Yellow 5 Neon Yellow 6

Now for some Neon Orange!   This one is a super bright orange with purple/pink flakes.  Again I only needed three coats to get solid coverage.  This one is going to get a lot of use come Halloween!

Neon Orange 1 Neon Orange 2 Neon Orange 3 Neon Orange 4 Neon Orange 5 Neon Orange 6

And last from the neons, Neon Red.  This one is more of a neon coral color than just red and has purple/blue flakes and is a very pretty combo!   I only used three coats to get solid coverage.

Neon Red 1 Neon Red 2 Neon Red 3 Neon Red 4 Neon Red 5 Neon Red 6

So what do you think of the rest of the neon collection?  Pretty awesome?  I love them all and certainly see getting a lot of use out of them.  Be sure to check out this collection and tons of other lovely colors from Above the Curve.  Thank you so much for stopping by this evening and look forward to seeing you guys again real soon! <3

These were sent to me for photo and review purposes but does not change my review in any way.

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