Above the Curve Dusty Huntin’

26 Jul

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I want to share a gorgeous blend from Above the Curve’s awesome Polish Addiction line.  I actually won a full mini set from their Facebook page so I highly recommend following them, they are always having contest!  First up I am going to share Dusty Huntin’.  This stuff is amazing in person.  The color is a bright vibrant red with a holo glitter and a splash of red flakes.  I only need two coats to get amazing, solid coverage.  I own OPI DS Reflection and Dusty Huntin’ blows it out the water.  There is so much more to this one.  The first group of pictures are done indoors in my light box.

Dusty Huntin' 1 Dusty Huntin' 2 Dusty Huntin' 3 Dusty Huntin' 4 Dusty Huntin' 5

Pretty color, right?  Now while this one is very pretty indoors, outdoors is is amazing!  The color becomes much more vibrant and the holo is much stronger.

Dusty Huntin' 6 Dusty Huntin' 7 Dusty Huntin' 8 Dusty Huntin' 9

So what do you guys think?  I can’t wait to show you more beauties from this collection!  Above the Curve’s shop is on vacation until Monday but I would suggest grabbing this one and the others when you can.  You won’t be disappointed!

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