2013 Indie Favorites

1 Jan

Happy New Year!  Today I have my top 10 2013 favorites to share with you guys.  I must admit this was very tough!  2013 was certainly full of many gorgeous blends and tons of found memories.  It was fun going through the past year and thinking of all the amazing people I have met along the way and the friendships built.  To help narrow down the list I only went with one favorite from each indie brand.  My list is in no particular order.

Blue Moon from Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer was an absolutely gorgeous blend was a great way for a new indie to break out in the market.  If you’d like to see more pics of Blue Moon you can check out my review here.


The Fruitcake Is Not A Lie from Femme Fatale Cosmetics was one of my favorite fall/winter blends and even with it being a mini bottle is was a breeze to work with.  If you would like to see more pics you can read my full review here.


Party Popper was one of the many blends I loved in 2013 from SuperChic Lacquer.  This one stood out on the simple fact that it reminded my of my childhood and Saturday morning cartoons eating Fruity Pebbles cereal.  If you would like to read my full review you can check it out here.

Party Popper 1

Deep Field by Emerald & Ash was a perfect space inspired blend!  I have worn this one numerous times this year and every time I got compliments.  This blend is so unique.  If you want more info then you can read my review here.

Deep Field 1

Shiny from Nerd Lacquer was close to being my number one for the year.  The color was perfect, application amazing, and the glitter was just perfect!  To read my review you can go here.


Theoretically Nude from Vivid Lacquer was the perfect nude indie this year and expect to see this one this coming summer for the perfect beach inspire mani!  To read my review you can go here.


Neon Green from Above the Curve was the perfect full coverage neon green on the market.  My hunt was finally over!  To read more about this blend you can go here.


Snow Much Fun from KBShimmer was a fabulous winter inspired blend that did not disappoint.  The snowflakes were plentiful and the jellyness was wonderful!  To read my review you can go here.


Lady Liberty from Laquerlicious was certainly my favorite patriotic blend of 2013.  Application was amazing and the color combination was like nothing else on the market.  To read my full review you can go here.

Lady-Liberty-1Time For A Sugar Rush by Chaos and Crocodiles was my first by this brand and opened my obsession with them.  To read more about this blend you can go to my review here.


Now for some honorable mentions.  These two were very close to getting to the top 10 and thought they were still worth mentioning.  First up is Merryweather from Fantasy Nail Lacquer.  This was an amazing blue glitter bomb that was just stunning.  It looks like Fantasy is no longer in business which makes me sad.  This was such a promising brand.  To read my review you can go here.

Merryweather 2

The next one is from one of my new favorite indie, Enchanted Polish.  To Die For was a fantastic holo glitter blend that was just stunning and perfect with tons of bases.  If you would like to read my review you can go here.


So what do you guys think of my 2013 list?  I love all of these and will continue to support my indie ladies into 2014.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I look forward to a fantastic new year! <3

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